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Located in the southwest China, Sichuan is one of four "big basins". With a climate especially suitable for farming, Sichuan is reputed to be the "land of abundance". Sichuanese cuisine originated from China's ancient times and has been influenced by dishes from other countries, including Pakistan. Qin Erhan established the foundation of Sichuanese cuisine, and later, Tang Songjian also made major contribution to its development. Finally, during the Qing Dynasty, its maturing entered the last stage, and after delighting culinary masters throughout the country for about 3,000 years, became one of four main elements in China's food culture. Everywhere, Sichuanese cuisine gained admirable prestige.

An ancient art, Sichuan cuisine, can be traced back to the Qin and Han Dynasties. Three centuries B.C., after Chin Shih-huang unified China, an expansive area south of the Huang He (or "Yellow River") housed a growth of Bashu culture. The cooking techniques, the diet customs, and the delicacies of these folk people blended together and gradually formed the basis of the unique modern Sichuan cuisine. During Tang Song's time, Sichuan cuisine entered China's mainstream culinary society. By the Qing Dynasty, chili peppers had spread quickly to all parts of China, and Sichuan cuisine exploited this spice to create richness in its dishes, its cooking techniques being consummated as the years progress. After the Sino-Japanese War, the main dishes of this cuisine seem to converge toward Chongqing, enabling the unification of many ideas. Like a fire, Sichuan's food culture swallowed everything and anything indiscriminately, achieving the fiery fury that it has become today.

The Sichuan cuisine, the perfection of which has been lengthy and continuous, must extend its thanks to Sichuan's vegetables. With such a diverse vegetable community, Sichuan cuisine allows the chef to pay attention to the subtle tastes of dishes; he can experiment with and redefine them with the motley of vegetables at his fingertips. Sichuan cuisine is very much integrated into Sichuan culture. People of this region love to eat, so eating has become a sort of art, and this consummated art reflects a national culture at its height.  


As one of China's four main culinary sects, Sichuan cuisine achieves its greatest glory in its native region, where its dishes comprised of the specialty dishes from Chongqing, Chengdu and the northern Sichuan towns, and the southern Sichuan towns. The numerous cooking methods of Sichuan cuisine remains unsurpassed: fry, stir-fry, stir-fry before stew, cook in soy cause, cook in pressured vessels, dry, roast, burn, boil, braise, sautee, simmer, steam, bake, grill, dry grill, oil drench, and others. The 3000 methods of cooking fall under 40 major categories.

Our restaurant is an authentic Sichuan-style restaurant, with an outstanding chef team that embrace ancient and modern Sichuan cooking styles. The making of every dish requires arduous effort, the ingredients of which are carefully selected, and the manner of delivery is carefully coordinated. Sichuan cuisine has a fresh, rich taste, and a spiciness the grows on the tongue. It is known to the Chinese as "ma, la, tang," roughly translated as "tingling, spicy, and hot." Its flavors are many, varied, and adaptable. The meat and veggie dishes have rich tastes without being greasy.

Our restaurant pays special attention to our materials. As time passes, our society has placed increasing emphasizes on health, nutrition, and body sciences. Cooking at its highest level must select material from a wide variety of sources, letting people not only enjoy the subtleties, but guaranteeing that was goes in is healthy.

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