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Sichuan Gourmet Chinese Restaurant Boston Massachusetts

Sichuan Gourmet is an authentic Sichuan-style restaurant founded in the summer of 2002. With the joint effort of the owner and a renowned chef in the area of Sichuan cuisine, the development of the restaurant has been quite rapid. Within two short years in the Boston area, the restaurant is blooming, becoming a major window to the exciting Sichuanese culture.

Mr. Li Zhong

  Founder Mr. Li Zhong and Mr. Liu Lijun are all natives of Chengdu, a major city in Sichuan. Their time there has made him familiar with all aspects of Sichuan, from its people, to its geography, and to its culture. In particular, both have a deep comprehension and mastery of Sichuan cuisine. After coming to the US, Mr. Li Zhong obtained a Master's degree in biomedicine while Mr. Liu Lijun has a senior chef certificate from China from his years at a prestigious culinary institute. The two complement each other very well and with cooperation and trust, have made the restaurant a success.
Sichuan Gourmet employs graduates from China's top culinary institutes which teaches chefs science, health, nutrition, and body chemistry. The Head Chef, in particular, has won the high praise and affection of the customers, who are impressed with the high quality of service and the choice of materials.

Swift service, embracing the latest culinary fads, ongoing innovations, a standard for materials, and the hundred-vegetables-hundred-tastes concept are all the ideas of Sichuan Gourmet's management team.

Mr. Liu Lijun

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