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Fried Rice & Noodles
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J01 Dried Chicken w. Chili Sauce$12.95
J02 Smoky Hot Chicken w. Cayenne$11.95
J03 Sichuan Kung Bao Chicken$11.95
J04 Tangerine Chicken$13.50
J05 General Tso's Chicken$12.95
J06 Sesame Chicken$12.95
J07 Old Sichuan Chicken$12.95
J08 Chicken & Asparagus w. Chengdu Special Sauce$11.95
J09 Chicken w. Spicy Chili Sauce$12.50
J12 Chicken w. Cashew Nuts$11.50
J13 Shredded Chicken w. Yu Xiang Sauce$11.50
J14 Chicken w. Broccoli$11.50
J15 Sweet & Sour Chicken$11.50
J16 House Special Duck$15.50

Hot & Spicy        Very Spicy
We can alter the spicy according to your taste

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