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Fried Rice & Noodles
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Lunch Special

The Following Dishes are Served with: 1.Spring Roll or Crab Rangoon 2.Fried Rice or Boiled Rice

L1 General Tso's Chicken$8.50
L2 Sesame Chicken$8.50
L3 Beef w. Broccoli$8.50
L4 Chicken w. Cashew Nuts$7.95
L5 Kung Bao Chicken$7.95
L6 Chicken & Shrimps w. Garlic Sauce$7.95
L7 Chicken w. Broccoli$7.95
L8 Rainbow Fish Filet$8.95
L9 Jumbo Shrimp w. Broccoli$9.50
L10 Lo Mein w. Chicken$7.75
L11 Vegetable Delight$7.75

The Following Dishes are Served with: Boiled Rice

L12 Pork w. Fresh Bamboo Shoots$7.95
L13 Sichuan Double Cooked Bacon$8.25
L14 Beef w. Hot Green Pepper$8.50
L15 Chicken w. Yu Xiang Sauce$7.95
L16Smokey Hot Chicken w. Cayenne$8.25
L17 Chicken & Asparagus w. Cheng Du Special Sauce$8.25
L18 Sichuan Style String Beans$7.95
L19 Ma Po Tufo$7.95
L20 Beef Noodle Soup$8.95
L21 Spare Ribs Noodle Soup$8.95
L22 Sichuan Pickled Noodle Soup w Pork$8.50
L23 Zha Jiang Noodle w. Pork & Spicy Sauce$8.50

Hot & Spicy        Very Spicy
We can alter the spicy according to your taste

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