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红烧狮子头煲         Meat Ball Sichuan Style


P02 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

竹笋烧排骨           Spare Ribs with Fresh Bamboo Shoots


P03 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

肉丝茄子             Pork and Eggplant with Yu Xiang Sauce


P04 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

四川回锅肉           Sichuan Double Cooked Bacon


P05 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gifhttp://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

水煮肉丝             Pork & Napa Cabbage with Spicy Chili Sauce



火爆腰花             Kidney with Yu Hsing Sauce



木耳肉丝             Pork with Vegetables & Chinese Mushrooms


P08 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

鱼香肉丝             Pork with Yu Xiang Sauce



京酱肉丝             Peking Pork



笋尖肉丝             Pork with Fresh Bamboo Shoots


P11 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

肉末炮姜豆         Minced Pork with Sichuan Long Green Beans


P12 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

蚂蚁上树            Cellophane Noodles & Minced Pork


http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gifHot & Spicy        http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gifhttp://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gifVery Spicy
We can alter the spicy according to your taste


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