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V01 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gifhttp://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

水煮豆腐         Tofu with Spicy Chilli Sauce


V02 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

家常豆腐         Family Style Tofu



干煸四季度       Sichuan Style String Beans


V04 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gifhttp://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

麻婆豆腐         Ma Po Tofu


V05 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

鱼香茄子         Chinese Eggplant with Yu Xiang Sauce


V06 http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gif

糖醋炝莲白       Chinese Cabbage with Chili Sauce



素十景           Vegetable Delight



九层塔茄子       Basil Chinese Eggplant



蒜茸上海小白菜   Baby Bok Choy with Fresh Garlic


http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gifHot & Spicy        http://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gifhttp://www.laosichuan.com/images/menu/chili.gifVery Spicy
We can alter the spicy according to your taste


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